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Equestrian OBM

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Passionate, professional, equestrian

That's us!  We are passionate, professional, dedicated equestrians who bring our best to our business - and our horses - every day.  We’re creative in how we adapt to new challenges and wear many hats as we work towards our personal and professional dreams.

Big hearts, big dreams & big to-do lists

I believe that equestrians are some of the most resilient, big hearted, and ambitious people in the business world.  But that big heartedness, those big dreams?  They can also mean big to-do lists!

The Equestrian Business Manager was created to help equestrian professionals fully embrace their success and have more time for the parts of their business they love.  With strategy, management and implementation tailored to your business’s unique needs, you will finally have the support to breakthrough to the next level.


Hey there,

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I'm Tista Wicklow

When I'm not hard at work on my business (and yours!) you'll find me out on the trails with my mare Juno or with my nose buried in a fantasy novel.  As an avid learner, I'm always investing in new courses, trainings and books to soak up ALL the knowledge I can to bring my best to my personal and professional life.

I put that passion for learning into action while pursuing my undergrad, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Washington in 2018.  After realizing that teaching - my original plan - wasn't going to be the best fit, I doubled down on my

dream to forge a professional path that would combine my love of horses and my passion for serving others while allowing me the space to fully actualize my strong creative, executive and intellectual skills.  In January 2020, I found that outlet in cofounding a subscription box and online community for equestrians.  Starting a small equestrian business - in the midst of a global pandemic - came with some steep learning curves to say the least!  It was through that project I discovered a deep joy for supporting other equestrians on their path of success, and gained skills and insights that strengthened my abilities as an online business manager for equestrian professionals.

As an equestrian OBM, I'm grateful to call on my passion for supporting others, experience as a business owner, decade of administrative and creative work, and twenty-two years in the horse world to offer quality services to equestrian entrepreneurs, businesses, and professionals.

Now that's enough about me... I want to hear from you!  Grab some time on my calendar to chat about your business goals.

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